Antonov An-28
Location: Lake Conway South, Belle Isle, Florida, United States (0FL5)
Owner: Capital Aircraft Finance Aircraft Sales (rcn01)
Serial Number: 31146

Equipment Airframe Max Load Seats Cruise Fuel Burn Fuel Type System BuyBack Owners Fee Base Price Finance
IFR/AP/GPS 15:39 2223 Kg 20 180 Kts 108 GPH Jet-A $568,051 $5,681 $828,600  

Installed Equipment Value: $73,333
Aircraft List Price: $901,933 ($828,600 plus $73,333)

This Aircraft is On Sale For $900,000

This Aircraft is Listed at $1,933 Below List Price
This is a 0.2% Discount from List Price

This Aircraft is Listed at $331,949 Above Buyback Price
This is a 36.9% Loss if Sold to the System

Time Since Last 100hr Maintenance: 15:39